Hunters Lodge’s philosophy has always been to be flexible in our approach and delivery of support. Using Person Centred Approaches, we aim to give each individual living with us, a life that makes sense to them, with a level and style of support appropriate for their needs.

We are committed to working with each person in a facilitative way, providing individualised support and regularly checking that each person we support is living their life, their way.

As Hunters Lodge Care Home is ‘home’, it is our intention to care for our residents for a long as they need to live in sheltered accommodation, but our aims are to work towards future independent living wherever possible.
As far as it is possible we enable residents to make their own decisions taking into account their wishes and feelings in respect of their care. We consult with the residents and document on their individual care plan how the resident's needs in respect of their health and welfare are going to be met. Residents are encouraged to learn new skills and experience new activities, which will broaden existing accomplishments and experiences.
The home is externally inspected by the Care Quality Commission and Local Authority and we have received excellent reports. latest inspection report


We have an ongoing assessment program at Hunters Lodge to enable us to monitor residents’ care/needs.  As we are in a relatively small group, individual attention will be at a premium and each individual will have as much help and guidance as s/he needs. This ongoing assessment will enable us to develop relevant Individual Care Plans with the objective of meeting the aims of the home for each resident.

  • To provide an environment which enables the aims and objectives of Hunters Lodge to become a reality for each resident.
  • To deliver care sensitively and flexibly and in such a way as to reflect residents’ individual needs and choices.
  • To respect and retain privacy, dignity and independence as far as possible, irrespective of the residents’ physical or mental disability.
  • To consult as fully as possible, with residents, relatives and key stake holders in order to ensure that the stated aims and objectives are        maintained.

Whilst we require staff to work within basic guidelines and routines this must not institutionalise the care we offer. This will be monitored at regular intervals, in full consultation with all residents, relatives, staff and visiting professionals.

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