Our fees start at BAND 4 - £383 and are to be paid 2 weeks in advance / 2 weeks in arrears.  These are reviewed annually on 1st April.

Fees include:
•    24 hour care
•    All meals
•    Laundry (except dry cleaning) 
•    In house activities
•    Lodgings

Fees do not include:
•    Personal newspapers
•    Dry cleaning
•    Hairdressing & Chiropody
•    Incontinence Supplies & Toiletries
•    Transport
•    Trips / Activities / Education


This 4-stage process and has no specific time restrictions.

  1. Hunters Lodge require an up to date care needs assessment + care plan from the assigned social worker, then Hunters Lodge will meet with the individual and their family to complete its own assessment, preferably in the individuals own environment.
  2. Hunters Lodge will then put together a ‘Care Package’ to meet the individuals needs. This will then be discussed with the funding authority for agreement.
  3. Once agreed we invite the individual to come and meet us at Hunters Lodge, stay for a meal, have a look around and meet everyone. This step will be repeated as many times as required.
  4. The usual next step is an ‘over night’, then a weekend stay and if all goes well, individuals move in on an agreed date.

Both parties have a month’s trial period, at which point the social worker will request a review. If all goes well at this point, we carry on and review the situation after 6 months. Reviews are undertaken annually thereafter to ensure the placement continues to meet the needs of the individual.  It is our aim to have a compatible, cohesive & happy group, where people can develop greater independence. 

The above process is flexible, there may be several visits or a couple of weekend visits to ensure both parties are sure of the move.   

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